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Vans Kill the Line - full action recap

Top notch dirt riding from Peynier, France.

Check the video highlights from one the most important dirt contests of this season - Vans Kill the Line. Just to remind you - Dawid Godziek claimed the spot, while competing against the best riders on the planet including: Corey Bohan, Mike Clark, Daniel Sandoval, Chris Doyle, Ryan Nyquist, TJ Ellis, etc. Once again congrats Dawid for literally killing the line! Enjoy watching.

Dawid Godziek claims the top spot at Vans Kill The Line!

Finest Polish BMX rider was second to none in Peynier, France.

Dawid Godziek has won Vans Kill The Line in Peynier, France! We're are absolutely stoked on that as he had to beat some of the finest dirt riders on the planted including: Corey Bohan, Chris Doyle, Leandro Moreira, Ryan Nyquist, TJ Ellis and others. We simply can't express how much proud we are - keep on shredding mate!

Happy Birthday Dawid!

Today Dawid Godziek is celebrating his 20th birthday! We'd like to wish him all the best, a lot of progression and unstoppable passion towards everything he does in his life. At the same time, we're not wishing him any new tricks as he already knows them all ;) . Long live the king "Davido Ronaldo"!

Dawid Godziek - BMX Cologne

Video by Ryys

Check the video recap from Dawid Godziek's trip to Germany, where he participated in BMX Cologne. For the three days riders were struggling with the quite soft and muddy jumps and lack of speed. Eventually, Dawid managed to score 6th place, although this result could have been far more better without the very unlucky fall in his last run. See what happend in Cologne and witness some of the top notch bangers presented by Polish finest dirt rider. Enjoy! If you like it, don't forget to share it.

Filming and editing: Ryszard Syryczyński /

Dawid Godziek - Welcome to the Vans team!

Video by Flair Motion

Dawid Godziek has officially become a new member of the VANS team! We're absolutely stoked to share this info with you - congrats mate! Above you can find a welcome edit made by Aleksander Osmałek. Check it as soon as possible! What to expect? A ton of great riding - as always!

Video: Agelos Demeneopoulos

Meet the Greek park shredder!

Agelos Demeneopoulos is only 16 years young and already knows how to properly roll his Dartbmx bike. We're proud to support this young and talented rider from Greece.
Check his edit recorded at the "OAKA" skatepark. Expect nice technical combinations and quite a few bangers. Enjoy!
Filming and editing: Ilias Mertis &

Dawid Godziek wins in Italy!

19-year-old rider was second to none during "JamBo" contest

This year's contest season has begun quite late for Dawid Godziek. Nevertheless, he's in a good form, which has been proved during last weekend "JamBo" contest in Italy. Dawid Godziek claimed another victory showing some great dirt riding. Well done bro, keep it up!

BMX riding in Bucharest's shopping mall

Alin Moldovan & Jula Raul in Action

A shopping mall in Bucharest for one day was transformed into BMX playground. Check the video above for an awesome results of this transformation. Lots of good riding inside by Alin Moldovan & Jula Raul. Enjoy! If you like it, don't forget to share it

Dawid Godziek - Flybag Rezibox Training

Video by Samuel Lechowicz

The crew has just opened a sweet, training spot. What would you say for an air inflated bag that can be used as a rezibox? Sounds cool, doesn't it? Dawid Godziek has tested this new feature and effects were amazing. Check the video above edited by Samuel Lechowicz. There's plenty of big moves inside. Prepare for a piece of a great riding - enjoy!

Fast Five with Rafał Kierc

A new short video by RyyS

Ryszard Syryczyński has jus started his new video series. Fast five is one those edits, that you can call "short but nice". The first episode features Rafał Kierc. "Skejcik" brigns some serious moves to the Warsaw's Eigth Park spot. Sit back and enjoy a bunch of good tricks.